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Web Developer


Nov 2013 to Present

  • Lead contributor on the component based design infrastructure that powers matching print+digital websites
  • Personally built an orchestration tool on top of docker compose called “Orcawhale”, to build selected microservices and their dependencies, so that features can be easily tested across microservice boundaries. The app aggregates data from the bamboo build system and docker hub. It supports fixed urls via a traefik proxy. It streams aggregated container logs in the browser.
  • Part of a small team tasked with moving the Vistaprint Digital account and subscriptions system to a more public-cloud, microservice oriented architecture
  • Lead contributor on the second generation Local Listings product, a standalone Node/React app, marketed on Vistaprint and webs.com
  • Helped establish a continuous integration process (lint, test, deploy) for nodejs and react applications within the organization
  • Wrote a web app to help the marketing team create site-wide sales and sale banners
  • Helped architect and write a referral program on webs.com
  • Wrote several standalone programs to automate data analytics tasks
  • Contributed directly to the webs.com front end. (plans, relogin and report abuse). And also the shopping cart.

Open Source Developer

On the Internet, in my free time

2012 to Present

  • Built a Node based blogging application, that supports live updating, version controlled, markdown
  • Built a Python based, open source blogging application for Google App Engine that successfully integrates a text editing web service called Draft
  • Built an application called ncap-share to help my wife share swim workouts with other swim coaches. The app uses meteor, integrates with TeamUnify and includes file sharing and post tagging.

Management Analyst GS-11

Department of Veterans Affairs Washington DC

Dec 2011 to Nov 2013

  • Creator and lead developer of a knowledge management application called FeedStrap; the application is used by analysts in the Office of Policy and Planning to share and tag articles, search a large database, generate automated reports, and track Veterans policy issues over time.
  • Successfully migrated FeedStrap from a proprietary PaaS (Google App Engine), to a VA hosted server. The process involved rewriting the app with Django, configuring RedHat Linux Server, and configuring a Postgresql database
  • Provides research, writing and analysis on future oriented topics for senior leaders; has authored two strategic analysis papers: “Cemeteries in a Social Media World” and “Three Trends in Personal Data and Suggestions for Government”
  • Distributes a biweekly newsletter for long range planners in the Federal Government. The process for creating the report is automated using FeedStrap

Farsi Linguist (Sergeant E5)

US Army, Various Locations

2002 to 2008

  • Created and presented ~10 multi paged, multi-media, intelligence packages for Brigade level (06) and Task Force level intelligence officers (04), in support of combat operations in Iraq
  • Designed and implemented improvised vehicle mounts for intelligence equipment
  • Built innovative analyst tools using Word, Excel and Access while stationed away from Headquarters in Tikrit, Iraq
  • Logged over 200, 12 hour shifts as the Non-Commissioned Officer in charge of a 6 person perimeter checkpoint, responsible for ID checks, incoming and outgoing convoy traffic and one sector of fire.


2011 Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, cum laude

American University, Washington DC

2004 Farsi Basic Course 47 Weeks

Defense Language Institute, Monterey CA

Developer Skills

  • Areas

    • Frontend
    • Backend
    • Ops
  • Tools

    • git
    • docker
    • docker-compose
    • terraform
    • bamboo
    • jenkins
  • Programming Languages

  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Java
  • Python
  • SQL
  • Groovy
  • Puppet
  • Scala
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • Frameworks & Tools

  • javascript
    • Node
    • React
    • Express
    • Meteor
    • Backbone
    • jQuery
    • Angular
  • python
    • Django
  • Java
    • Spring
    • Hibernate
  • Groovy
    • grails