September 13, 2013

All Time Favorite Documentaries

I’ve watched a ton of documentaries on Netflix. Here are some of my all-time favorites, grouped thematically:

about violence and war…

  • The Conscientious Objector
  • The Man Nobody Knew: In Search of My Father CIA Spymaster William Colby
  • Chosin
  • Beyond the Gates of Splendor

about religion…

  • Fall from Grace
  • Jesus Camp
  • Brother Born Again

about haunting stories…

  • Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father
  • Stranded: I’ve Come from a Plane That Crashed on the Mountains

about artists/art/old age…

  • Beauty Is Embarrassing
  • Bill Cunningham New York
  • A Man Named Pearl
  • Young @ Heart

about beauty in real life…

  • Life in a Day
  • Bombay Beach

about weird people…

  • Word Wars
  • King of Kong

about seeming boring topics but surprisingly good..

  • A Cemetery Special
  • Jimmy Carter: Man from Plains

about spirituality/life/poverty/crime/hope/teamwork…

  • Dark Days
  • Our Time
  • Serving Life
  • Undefeated

Cover Art

Hi! My name is Matthew Halbe.

I'm a web developer working at Vistaprint in Silver Spring Maryland. I have four kids, August, Liesel, Levi and Clementine, and a wonderful wife, Dory.

I spent 6 years as an enlisted soldier in the Army before coming out to the DC area for school and work.

My main interests are web development, US-Iran Relations and documentary films.

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